4 out of 10 enterprises are now running Kubernetes in a production environment today but many still consider security and policy concerns an overwhelming obstacle and bottleneck to innovation. 
The GitOps workflow in Weave Kubernetes Platform gives teams a head start as it relies on git's strong correctness and security. Every pull request has a built-in and fully auditable trial. Many companies need to look beyond just compliance and seek a full GRC solution that's integral to their workflows.
In this webinar we will discuss and demo, how GitOps workflows 
  • Provide separation of concerns between development and deployment
  • Automate transparency and auditability at all levels
  • Isolate authentication and authorization between concerns
  • Reduce risk through rollback and logging


Paul Curtis.jpeg
Paul Curtis, Principal Solutions Architect, Weaveworks

Paul started as a developer working in the financial institutions. Paul proceeded to take on technical account management at Netscape & Sun, along with system and dev operations at start ups. Paul now provides field enablement and engineering in the big data world.

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