Welcome to the GitOps on AWS Webinar Series

Ignite modern operations in your team with our webinar and workshop series focusing on GitOps on AWS. Make sure to join our weekly Tuesday webinar in person, in order to receive an invite for the complimentary hands-on 90min workshop the following Thursday!

Introduction to GitOps
August 4, 10:00 PST

Learn the 4 principles of GitOps for creating an enhanced developer experience which increases productivity. A live demo will show how to boost stability and reliability in Kubernetes environments, integrating security right from the start.

Accelerate software delivery on EKS
August 11, 10:00 PST

Learn how to leverage GitOps to continuously deploy new versions to hundreds of EKS environments simultaneously. A live demo will show how to utilize automation and models for operating multiple clusters, workloads and teams as well as how to implement advanced deployment patterns to increase speed, safely.

Managing Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Models  
August 18, 10:00 PST

Learn how to build a machine learning operations (MLOps) EKS cluster using GitOps. Specifically, you'll get to deploy KubeFlow and train it with an open source model.

Codifying cloud operations  
August 25, 10:00 PST

Learn how to leverage operator patterns to build platforms on top of Kubernetes. A live demo will show tools such as shell-operator and Custom Resource Definition.

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