Cloud native transformation often looks different across various industries but a common theme always emerges, the need for greater security and autonomy. AWS and Weaveworks take data and operational sovereignty seriously - without compromising on the advantages that cloud native and open source technologies such as Kubernetes brings to the telecommunications industry today.

In this webinar we will be discussing how Telcos running a large scale distributed cloud and edge network can achieve sovereignty with the hybrid EKS and Weave GitOps shared services platform.

  • How EKSD (EKS on premise) and EKS (AWS managed Kubernetes) is used to establish common workflows that minimize operational overhead
  • How to lower operational costs with the use of ephemeral cloud environments for development and testing
  • How to achieve operational Sovereignty by enabling the operation of the shared services platform in on premise, air gapped and non-tethered configurations

Register for a live webinar on August 3, 2021 at 10am EST and join Daniel Lizio-Katzen, Head of Strategy & Partnerships, Weaveworks, Leonardo Murillo, Principal Partner Solutions Architect, Weaveworks and Paul de Monchy, Principal Solution Architect, Amazon for this session.

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