Kubernetes is table stakes for enterprises today but operating it at a larger scale is challenging. A common trend to reduce complexity is adopting a platform model - the ability to enable self-service capabilities on Kubernetes for application development teams. This enables development teams to quickly create and provision the resources their code requires without having Ops involved. The platform team can focus on continuously and safely deploying as well as improving the platform independent of the application team.

Weave GitOps provides a flexible GitOps framework and policy management to quickly and securely configure identical Kubernetes platforms on premise and in any cloud. It easily integrates into your existing toolchain and allows developers to work in their preferred tool, Git. By implementing GitOps, you’ll benefit from strong multi-tenancy, and accelerated app delivery by enabling your developers with self-serve isolated workload namespaces across environments.

Join this webinar and discover:

  • What’s required for implementing a self-service platform
  • How to adapt your existing toolchain using Weave GitOps
  • How to isolate tenants via declarative workspaces
  • More about securely managing multiple cluster namespaces using a single repo
  • How to centrally observe and control all of your clusters (managed / self-hosted)
  • Steps to create a dynamic and robust Cluster-aaS environment
  • Ways to easily and securely organize all apps and services that run in your clusters using profiles

Lutz Lange, Solutions Architect, Weaveworks

Lutz grew up and studied computer science in Berlin. He's has been using Linux for over 20 years and spends a lot of time with organizations focusing on and using Open Source software. When he's not working, he enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife and a son.

jose_talavara (1).jpeg

Jose Talavera, Solutions Architect, Weaveworks

Jose Talavera has been Solutions Consultant for over 10 years helping organizations across EMEA drive efficiency by improving velocity and quality of SW development teams. DevOps and GitOps methodologies are the core of his work by fostering automation. His areas of expertise would be testing, monitoring and continuous deployment.

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