Operational and Business Support Systems (OSS and BSS) can be some of the biggest costs for a Mobile Network Operator (MNO), and some of the biggest sources of operational complexity. These systems are usually subject to constant change but  also sources of competitive advantage and valuable customer and network data. 

The evolution of these systems for the newest generation of MNOs requires large multicluster Kubernetes deployments to scale and provide the operational agility for a next generation 5G MNO. 

However, there are inherent difficulties with managing the underlying orchestration, test, deployment and management of containerized Kubernetes. 

Our latest whitepaper discusses MNO practices in OSS and BSS, the benefits of leveraging containerized Kubernetes technologies and hybrid cloud infrastructure to drive efficiencies in these areas.

We will explore how Weave GitOps helps MNOs realize: 

  • Transformation of MNO processes through people, process and tools 
  • Automation of test, deployment and roll backs 
  • Management of Kubernetes on a hybrid cloud structure 
  • Governance in regulated environments


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