Welcome to the GitOps on AWS Webinar Series

Ignite modern operations in your team with our webinar & workshop series focusing on GitOps on AWS. Make sure to join our weekly Tuesday webinar in person, in order to receive an invite for the complimentary hands-on 90min workshop the following Thursday!

If you have been contemplating making the move from KOPS-managed clusters on AWS EC2 to EKS, you are not alone. At Weaveworks we have been helping many organizations going through this migration in the past and want to share some of our best practices.

We will discuss how to migrate from KOPS-managed Kubernetes on EC2 to EKS with the help of GitOps. Weave GitOps allows us to build a developer self service platform (sometimes referred to as a Shared Services Platform) on EKS, meaning developers and operators use common workflows to update both applications and infrastructure. With every change in version control, full audit trails are available, and security is enforced. At the same time teams are protected through easier rollbacks and faster mean-time-to-recovery (MTTR). In short, Weave GitOps on EKS increases developer velocity while boosting stability.

Topics we will cover:

  • How to migrate from KOPS-managed Kubernetes to EKS
  • How Weave GitOps speeds up application deployment through faster and more independent workflows for application developers
  • How Weave GitOps and EKS keep security and compliance at the forefront
  • How to reduce operational overhead for platform management

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