Automating software delivery is a high priority for any organization that follows DevOps or cloud-native practices. The truth is automation is not easy, and if done wrong, can leave organizations worse off than when they started.

Many solutions exist that can automate key processes and when put together can deliver end-to-end automation that greatly reduces manual work. In this paper, we survey the entire landscape of automation from a cloud-native perspective. We also offer an adoption path for your organization that takes into consideration where you are at in your cloud-native journey

Topics covered in this whitepaper include:

  • How to approach Kubernetes automation, and the key component involved.
  • Leveraging YAML, Helm, and GitOps to describe everything as code. This is the first step even before you begin automating.
  • Flux and Flagger are two open source projects that enable the GitOps approach.
  • How Flagger works with Istio and other service meshes to implement progressive delivery.
  • An overview of Weave GitOps Enterprise, which is based on Flux and Flagger, and how it enables automation according to the platform mode.


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