Revolutionize Your Platform Engineering Practice
with Weave GitOps

An internal developer platform (IDP) enables:

  • a self-service developer experience to deliver software faster and with better quality.
  • hybrid cloud management, built-in compliance, and zero-trust security.

Download our whitepaper to discover how Weave GitOps can streamline and automate internal Kubernetes platforms, boosting developer productivity and innovation.

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"Organizations can enable great developer experience with a self-service platform that serves the developers’ needs and eliminates causes of friction between developers and Ops."
—Florian Heubeck, MediaMarktSaturn

Build your Kubernetes platform with our accelerator program in just 4 weeks.

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Streamline Kubernetes Apps and Ops

Automate your deployment, management, and continuous delivery of applications and infrastructure with Flux CD, our suite of Kubernetes operators.

Enhanced Developer Productivity

With Flagger, a progressive delivery operator for Kubernetes, teams can automate the promotion of canary deployments using various service mesh providers, Ingress controllers, and other traffic routing APIs. Safe innovation from the start.

Terraform Controller - Simple Infrastructure Management

Simplify infrastructure automation and provisioning by managing Terraform resources with the Terraform Controller. View Terraform plans, auto-apply Terraform-managed cloud resources, detect drift, and support multi-tenant deployments, all of which can greatly streamline your infrastructure management tasks.

Compliance and Security

Weave Policy Agent enables policy-based governance and security across your Kubernetes environment. It allows you to define rules and policies that your deployments must adhere to, fostering consistency and compliance while reducing the risk of human error.

Why Platform Engineering?

Watch our latest on demand webinar Six Signs You Need Platform Engineering. We explain basic terms and the benefits of building an internal developer platform.

Platform Engineering 101

Start your journey into platform engineering with our introduction blog. We uncover the differences between SRE practices and how GitOps revolutionizes platform engineering methods.

Building Platform Engineering Best Practices on Microsoft Azure With GitOps

In this session we will show you how to use Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), Cluster API for Azure (CAPZ), Azure Service Operator (ASO) and Weave GitOps Enterprise (WGE) to build a safe, resilient, scalable and future-proof platform engineering practice. Learn how to draw a roadmap for enabling developers to deliver features autonomously. All while DevOps and SRE teams maintain visibility and adherence to best practices at any scale.

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Try Weave GitOps Assured and succeed with GitOps-enabled Kubernetes cluster management, continuous delivery, and platform engineering.

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