Continuous delivery helps agile software teams deliver better software, faster.

We'll show you how to use Kubernetes, Google Cloud Platform and Weave Cloud to create a powerful continuous delivery pipeline. Speed without measurement doesn't tell us if we're progressing, so we'll also discuss the role observability and metric monitoring play in moving to multiple releases a day.

Learn how to build a complete continuous delivery pipeline with Kubernetes, Google Kubernetes Engine and Weave Cloud. We will set up a Kubernetes pipeline in minutes on Google Cloud Platform and utilize one-click app deployments with Weave Cloud. Finally we deploy multiple times per day with a simple push to git.

Join William Denniss (Product Manager at Google Cloud) and Craig Wright (Customer Success Engineer at Weaveworks) and see how easy it is to set up a continuous deployment pipeline when using Kubernetes, Google Cloud and Weave Cloud.

Topics will include:
  • Using GKE to create new clusters
  • Integrating Continuous Delivery into a CI pipeline
  • Using GitOps to drive deployments
  • Measuring progress through metrics
  • Alerting and reverting deployments

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