Today’s enterprises are looking to achieve the same kinds of benefits as the startups in disrupting their industries. In order to do so, they are faced with embracing three critical pieces to achieve a digital-first delivery.

GigaOm’s latest research reports provides key findings on: 
  • The main constraints enterprises are facing in comparison to startups
  • How individual pillars are coming of age and becoming more suitable for enterprise adoption
  • The adoption curve of DevOps and it’s maturity cycle
  • The vendor landscape including what decision makers need to pay attention to in terms of selecting toolings and frameworks.
Since Kubernetes has emerged as the most popular orchestration and management technology, the vendor extensive report section is focused on companies that offer some specific value-add to Kubernetes-based environments. Decision makers need to select tooling and frameworks that drive progress and minimize lock in.

Download the full report.
“Container-based infrastructures and microservices offer a frontier for software deployment, creating significant potential for enterprises looking to deliver massively scalable, flexible, and distributed applications. Recently they have started to standardize around Kubernetes as a single target architecture, creating opportunities to align DevOps practices around a specific deployment target.”
- Jon Collins, DevOps Orchestration in a Cloud-Native World

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