Data has proven to be a competitive differentiator for decades and the adoption of machine learning can now deliver even greater insights from data. Adopting machine learning requires a technology environment with processes and platforms that can deliver innovation at scale.
EKS is a managed Kubernetes platform for scale. GitOps introduces processes and principles that align with machine learning operations (MLOps) best practices: Reproducibility, Reusability, Manageability and Automation.

This on-demand webinar demonstrates:

  • How to turn a complex set of components into a profile
  • How profiles allow for reliable and automated deployments to EKS
  • How an MLOps profile provisions and manages a machine learning stack and cluster with GitOps
  • How GitOps and profiles enable consistent and reproducible clusters without operational overhead
  • How GitOps managed profiles enable portability for workloads across different clouds, on-premise and your laptop


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