Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) is a managed service that lets you run Kubernetes on AWS without needing to maintain your own Kubernetes control plane. And eksctl is the official CLI tool for creating clusters on EKS! 
Michael Hausenblas (Developer Advocate, AWS) and eksctl creator, Ilya Dmitrichenko (Software Engineer, Weaveworks), will walk you through the basics and why many EKS builders have come to rely on eksctl for the initial provisioning of new clusters and ongoing configuration management of long-running clusters. 
We will cover use cases such as:

  • how to get started
  • common pitfalls to avoid
  • how to migrate from DIY Kubernetes on AWS (eg. Kops) to EKS using eksctl



Michael Hausenblas, AWS

Michael is a Developer Advocate at AWS, part of the container service team, focusing on container security. Michael shares his experience around cloud native infrastructure and apps through demos, blog posts, books, and public speaking engagements as well as contributes to open source software. 

Before AWS, Michael worked at both Red Hat and Mesosphere helping DevOps teams build and operate cloud native apps.


Ilya Dmitrichenko, Weaveworks

Ilya is a Software Engineer at Weaveworks, focused on making Kubernetes work for a wide range of users. Having started contributing to Kubernetes project from the early days in 2014, Ilya has focused his attention on cluster lifecycle matters, networking, observability as well as developer tools.

Prior to Weaveworks, Ilya worked at Xively, where he personally experienced the shift to a true DevOps culture. He began to shift focus down the stack, becoming one of the early evangelists of and contributors to open source projects in the cloud-native ecosystem. 

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