The scope of security covered by cloud providers and the areas that must be handled by the enterprise is a commonly misunderstood subject. It is clear that just by running in the cloud, your applications will not be inherently secure. Building software fast, with little to no human intervention throughout the delivery pipeline, and using packages that for the most part are black boxes written by others, has exposed organizations to security nightmares, as seen in the news recently.

Weaveworks and AWS have gone to great lengths in educating its users on which areas it provides security guarantees for, and areas that should be diligently handled by clients deploying workloads in the cloud.

Download this whitepaper to learn:
  • The fundamentals of cloud security
  • How to build artifacts that can be trusted
  • How to securely store and access trusted images in Elastic Container Registry
  • How to achieve continuous compliance with Weave GitOps

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