Despite the advances in software development, developers still spend a lot of time on organizational red tape, manual and repetitive processes, and are drowning in complex tools—leading to a frustrated and less productive developer. In today’s competitive business landscape, companies that foster better experiences for their developers improve employee retention, enhance security and quality, and increase developer productivity.

Organizations can enable great developer experience with a self-service platform that serves the developers’ needs and eliminates causes of friction between developers and Ops. In this paper, we examine how GitOps can be used to build internal platforms at scale and enable operators and developers to release software continuously and reliably.

Download this whitepaper and discover:

  • Essential elements of good developer experience
  • Causes of bad developer experience
  • How you can leverage GitOps to implement a self-service developer platform
  • The comparison of a GitOps platform vs. a non-ops platform
  • Weave GitOps: key features enabling teams to build a self-service platform

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