Weave GitOps Enterprise is the first GitOps platform that automates continuous application delivery and operational control for any Kubernetes at any scale. Weaveworks GitOps approach unites application development and IT operations by enabling earlier collaboration in the development process while supporting greater security, predictability and visibility throughout the entire application lifecycle.

Join Mark Ramm, Director of Product Management and Steve Waterworth, Technical Marketing Engineer for a first look at our GA release and latest capabilities with demos and expert Q&A.

  • UI for Application Delivery: Application teams can view, deploy and manage workloads through one access controlled portal. Quickly respond to errors and detect configuration drift.
  • GitOps Template Manager: Templates provide a self-service, compliant experience for developers, clearing their path to production.
  • Multi-Cluster Observability and Control: Cluster operators attach and control observability components to any Kubernetes cluster (managed on EKS, AKS or GKE or self hosted) and gain instant full-stack insight.
  • Security and Policy: Meet business compliance regulations with policy and rule-based GitOps workflows. Specify, audit and control who can change what to the Kubernetes configuration.

Please note, this webinar will run twice to accommodate different time zones:

  • Tuesday, January 11, 10am PT
  • Thursday, January 13, 10am GMT

Mark Ramm, Director of Product Management, Weaveworks

Mark Ramm has been designing, building, and leading teams to work on large scale high traffic web systems since the publication of his book on the subject in 2005. In 2011, he realized that he wanted to find general solutions to the problem of managing these kinds of large scale systems and was unsatisfied with configuration management approaches available in the open source world. He switched his focus to model driven orchestration, and has become a great fan of Kubernetes. He's been working with K8s for the last few years, working with some of the largest ISP's and Telcos on Kubernetes projects, designing resilient services on top of Kubernetes, and helping to get people up to speed on various aspects of the rapidly changing Kubernetes world.

Mark Ramm
Steve Waterworth

Steve Waterworth, Technical Marketing Engineer, Weaveworks

As a Technical Marketing Manager at Weaveworks, Steve brings years of experience having worked in technical roles in the APM space since 2004 for companies including Wily Technology and AppDynamics. In that time, Steve has seen numerous technical revolutions and market disruptions giving him a unique insight into the rapidly changing DevOps environment. He has a background in electronics and programming before moving to software solutions.

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