In a world where software contributes disproportionately to the fortunes of virtually all businesses over a certain size, the speed at which software can be delivered has become critical. Yet speed is not the only metric for success. Security, compliance and cost-effectiveness matter too. Even an organization’s ability to retain its most valued technical staff is affected by the structure of its software pipeline.

Aimed at business leaders, this executive briefing explains the development of the cloud native world. It explores how tools like Kubernetes have become the de facto platform for distributed software and DevOps has become the de facto approach to its development and management.

It then looks in specific detail at GitOps with a focus on its benefits, including: ability to develop and deploy software faster, improvements in security and compliance, and the retention of skilled technical staff.

This executive briefing covers:

  • The importance of speed in software development
  • How the process of developing and managing software has changed
  • How GitOps improves security and compliance
  • How GitOps can help you retain skilled technical staff
  • Introducing Weave GitOps: Working with the GitOps Pioneers

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