In this paper, we address current challenges with modernizing on-premises systems with Kubernetes. For customers running workloads on premises, we present a set of solutions powered by Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) and Weave GitOps Enterprise from Weaveworks. Specifically, we focus on Amazon EKS Anywhere, a solution to run Kubernetes on premises, allowing for both perpetual on-premises container and infrastructure management, as well as a vehicle for migrating to the cloud.

For organizations who want to modernize on premise applications, Kubernetes is the key to unlock cloud native practices in your own data center. 

EKS Anywhere and Weave GitOps Enterprise together enable:

  • Flexible deployment options - including bring your own compute
  • Simplified cluster lifecycle management across environments  
  • Consistent tooling and opinionated packaging
  • Curated packages that extend Kubernetes capabilities
  • Unified application and tenancy management 

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