Since its first release, Kubernetes adoption has grown exponentially. As it helps improve efficiency and agility, it's now one of the popular ways to deploy applications. However, Kubernetes is insecure by design. The cloud also adds another layer of complexity. But the good news is that developers and engineers can follow security best practices to boost their security posture.

For example, they can shift security left and enforce policy-as-code (PaC) to fortify their Kubernetes environment. This approach helps automate continuous monitoring to achieve robust security. Enforcing PaC also helps DevOps teams apply governance standards across clusters with a single click.

Download our whitepaper, Shifting Security Left with GitOps and Trusted Delivery, to learn more about shifting security left in GitOps workflows using policy as code and how DevOps teams can seamlessly deploy enterprise policy checks across cloud environments.

Topics covered in this whitepaper include:

  • Notable security breaches
  • What does it mean to shift left?
  • Shifting security left with policy as code
  • How can policy as code secure your GitOps workflows
  • Kubernetes security features and policy as code examples

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