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DevOps and development teams are feeling the pressure of continuous delivery and a growing number of distributed environments supporting multiple applications across various backends. This kind of complexity paired with faster development and shorter deployment times, can lead to misconfigurations and a minor typo can bring down the security and reliability of your application and infrastructure altogether. A huge risk and a long lasting cost to any organization.

The Gartner®, Hype Cycle™ for Application Security, 2021 Report explains that “In the most mature automation pipelines, Infrastructure & Operations (I&O) engineers mostly spend time on optimization, governance and compliance. They no longer build infrastructure; that work has been automated and turned over to end users. Now, I&O builds the guardrails around the infrastructure services that their end-users consume. I&O must align with security and compliance teams. Policy as Code brings policy enforcement into their automation pipelines, while preserving a separation of duties that mirrors a typical IT org chart.”

We believe this is the reason why trusted application delivery adds policy as code to GitOps, enforcing security and compliance, application resilience and coding standards from source to production. According to Gartner, “Shift left” and make security testing tools and processes available earlier in the development process, ideally as the developers are writing code.

Topics covered in this Trusted Application Delivery whitepaper include:

  • Security challenges for cloud-native companies
  • Trusted Application Delivery using Policy as Code
  • Why organizations should adopt the Trusted Application Delivery framework
  • Different types of policies and how to get started with policy as code
  • How to get started with Trusted Application Delivery

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