Designed for cloud-native applications, GitOps makes developers more productive while improving application stability, security, and compliance with automation playing a huge role in the overall speed of integration and deployment. While many organizations believe they are doing continuous deployments, it’s not fully automated. It’s missing one crucial component - trust. Manual reviews, evolving threat landscape, mean time to remediate (MTTR), compliance are obstacles to automated continuous deployments. Lack of trust means that the final step is all final.

Trusted Delivery promises organizations exactly that - trust. With automated security and compliance checks, in the form of policy as code, automated continuous deployments are now possible. Policy as code checks ensures that misconfigurations are automatically detected, notified, and deployment halted.

  • Security challenges for cloud-native companies
  • Trusted Application Delivery using Policy as Code
  • Why organizations should adopt the Trusted Application Delivery framework
  • Different types of policies and how to get started with policy as code
  • How to get started with Trusted Application Delivery

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