The role of the developer today has changed drastically. Instead of a single developer making all the decisions, a team of developers all collaborate on a codebase to move it forward and make a product. In this situation, developer experience is of utmost importance.

The way to foster an outstanding developer experience is to leverage the internal platform approach because it helps to get resources to developers on-demand and in a secure way. But, adopting the platform approach alone is not enough. Organizations need to think strategically about how they would go about building and maintaining the platform. And looking ahead, how to build a new development culture around the platform that makes software delivery seamless.

In this paper, we look at how GitOps is the solution for building internal platforms at scale, enabling software delivery teams to release software continuously, and reliably.

Download this whitepaper and discover:
  • What an internal platform approach is and why you should consider it
  • How GitOps enables a platform model and the benefits to be had
  • GitOps adoption best practices

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