Today’s modern enterprises are spoilt for choice with technology options, services and approaches. But in order to improve organizational productivity and development velocity, considering how developer experience plays a key role in these decisions will be a huge driver of their success.

DevEx is becoming increasingly critical for organizations because developers are important for building digital products and services. Organizations require developers to spend more time coding and less time working on infrastructure. Improving developer toolchains is essential for increasing productivity. But where does security sit in all of this?

James Governor, Analyst and Co-Founder of RedMonk and Steve George, COO of Weaveworks (the pioneers for GitOps deployments and infrastructure management) discuss the importance of DX and security in successful organizations today. They focus on how GitOps is enabling DevOps automation and allowing traditional CICD practices to shift further left.

James Governor, Analyst and Co-Founder, RedMonk

James Governor is co-founder of RedMonk, the only developer-focused industry analyst firm. Based in London, he advises clients on developer-led adoption, open source, community and technology strategy. He also runs Shoreditch Works, a coworking space for cloud infrastructure startups.

James Governor
Steve George

Steve George, COO, Weaveworks

Steve joined Weaveworks in February 2017 as COO where he leads both the Product and Commercial Teams. In a career spanning 25 years, Steve has worked in a range of roles in the technology sector, most recently leading Canonical’s operations and corporate development. His interest and support for FOSS goes back to 1997, when he got hold of his first copy of Slackware on floppy disk.

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