In today's technology-driven landscape, ensuring the reliability and stability of systems is critical for organizations to deliver exceptional user experiences. Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) has emerged as a proven methodology to achieve operational excellence and elevate performance.

By combining SRE and GitOps, organizations can leverage the benefits of both methodologies. GitOps provides a reliable and auditable approach to managing infrastructure and application changes, ensuring that all deployments are version-controlled and consistent across environments. This aligns with the SRE principle of implementing standardized and automated processes for maintaining system reliability.

Join our live webinar as we introduce the fundamentals and significance of SRE and GitOps, and provide actionable strategies for implementation. We’ll also explore the features of Weave GitOps that integrate SRE and GitOps practices to streamline workflows to support system reliability and stability.

You will learn:

  • An overview and correlation of key SRE and GitOps best practices
  • The 5 keys DORA metrics for measuring performance of software delivery.
  • How to leverage continuous delivery and progressive delivery to enhance application stability.
  • How Weave GitOps can reliably simplify the management of infrastructure and applications, with real-world customer examples illustrating their impact.

Chris Lavery, Sr. Site Reliability Engineer, Weaveworks

Chris Lavery is a Senior Site Reliability Engineer at Weaveworks (currently on secondment to Deutsche Telekom) where he champions continuous improvement through DevOps/GitOps practices, collaborating with multiple technical and non-technical stakeholders to achieve organisational goals effectively. Chris has experience around high performance computing and modern data center architectures, familiarity with different use cases and verticals (Telecoms, Fintech, Gaming). Outside of work Chris enjoys cycling, music and a neverending list of DIY tasks.
Chris Lavery

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