Modern cloud-native systems become more complicated as they scale. Security concerns, misconfigurations and managing access controls are some key challenges teams are grappling with while juggling business requirements for frequent application releases. GitOps is the answer for solving complex application deployment problems easily and more securely.

In a joint webinar with Traefik Labs, we’ll show how Traefik Hub, a SaaS-based cloud native networking platform, helps you publish your containers securely in seconds with tunnels, OIDC authentication and automated TLS certificate management. And, how you can combine that with Weave GitOps to achieve continuous application delivery using progressive delivery strategies for risk-free and reliable deployments. Security is key, so we’ll be showcasing multi-tenancy for full RBAC across the different deployment stages, and trusted delivery best practices for continuous security and compliance baked in.

Join us and learn how:

  • To utilize canary deployments for reliable and risk-free application deployments
  • GitOps lets you automate and secure the publishing of containers at the edge consistently
  • Easy it is to deploy, update and manage your application workloads on Kubernetes
  • To publish containers securely using tunnels, OIDC authentication and TLS certificate management

Steve Fraser, Consulting Reliability Engineer, Weaveworks

Steve is passionate about delivering quality resilient software with as little friction as possible. He likes to spend his time thinking about how to deliver flawless deployments allowing his customers to increase their application and infrastructure deployment velocity. Steve has extensive knowledge in containerization technologies in supporting, maintaining, and architecting.

Manuel Zapf, Product Manager, Traefik Labs

Manuel creates and helps enact the vision for Traefik Labs products and roadmaps. With nearly a decade in product development and management, Manuel understands what will help make the jobs of engineers a little bit easier.

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