The latest version of Team Workspaces in Weave Kubernetes Platform 2.4 simplifies deploying applications into any Kubernetes cluster - in the cloud or on premise - by using a GitOps approach. An easy git workflow for managing applications enables more effective collaboration across multiple teams and repositories.

Register for a live webinar on January 26, 10am PT where Paul Curtis, Principal Solutions Architect will be doing a deep dive demo of Team workspaces which allow the segregation of application stacks, projects or teams into discrete Kubernetes tenants.

Join this webinar to learn:
  • How to isolate tenants via Kubernetes RBAC.
  • How to manage multiple cluster namespaces with a single repo.
  • The difference between Team Workspaces and Profiles at the cluster level.
  • How to apply network policy and pod security policy to Team Workspaces for additional control over resource access.

Paul Curtis, Principal Solutions Architect

Paul is a Principal Solutions Architect at Weaveworks, where he provides pre- and post-sales technical expertise. Paul comes from the big data world and machine learning world, having spent seven years at MapR. Paul has served as Senior Operations Engineer for Unami, a startup founded to deliver on the promise of interactive TV for consumers, and was Systems Manager for Spiral Universe, a company providing school administration software as a service. He has also held senior support engineer positions at Sun Microsystems, as well as enterprise account technical management positions for both Netscape and FileNet. Earlier in his career, Paul worked in financial application development for Applix, IBM Service Bureau, and Ticketron.

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