Continuous Application Delivery at Cloud-Native Speed

Continuous application lifecycle is all about end-to-end automation of the software delivery process - from development to production.

Deep dive into continuous delivery (CD) and automation for Kubernetes applications and learn:

  • CI versus CD
  • What is a GitOps pipeline
  • Automate deployments, config and Kubernetes
  • Instill trust, security and compliance in deployments

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 Increase deployment frequency by 50%

GitOps feels like the right way to manage Kubernetes clusters. Other pre-containerization CI/CD tools are flakey, fragile and take up valuable time - engineers should focus on solving code problems, and not on the deployment process.

—Garry Wilson, Site Reliability Team Lead, Curve

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Progressive Delivery

Support various rollout strategies such as canary, A/B, and blue-green deployments. These strategies are designed to provide developers with a safety net when deploying new versions of applications, thereby reducing the risk of system-wide failures and downtime.

Application Pipelines

Simplify the process of promoting applications across various environments, either manually or automatically. The results are: efficient application promotion, faster deployments and reliable performance.

Trust and Compliance

Trusted application delivery adds policy as code to GitOps, enforcing security and compliance, application resilience and coding standards from source to production. Define rules and policies that your deployments must adhere to for consistency and compliance while reducing the risk of human error.

Self Service Templates and Profiles

Self-Service Templates and Profiles empower developers to create reusable configurations for applications. By saving configurations, this feature not only saves time, but also mitigates potential errors during the deployment process.

Consistent and Secure End-to-end Deployments

This on demand webinar demonstrates how to set up CI/CD automation across various stages in your software lifecycle. We walk through building an automated deployment pipeline that easily handles canary releases, feature flagging or other progressive release patterns.

CICD for Kubernetes

Learn what you need to know about continuous deployments and what tools we recommend for automating a delivery pipeline to Kubernetes.

Trusted Application Delivery using policy as code

Giving DevOps engineers the freedom to deliver new features and fixes while at the same time ensuring standards are met for security, resilience and coding standards is a difficult balancing act to achieve. See how Weave GitOps Trusted Delivery automates policy validation throughout the software delivery lifecycle.

Weave GitOps Assured

Improve security - Increase Efficiency - Address Compliance

Mitigate risk and unlock the full potential of open source Kubernetes management and Continuous Delivery (CD) with enterprise support and advanced features.

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