Accelerate Software Lifecycles Through DevOps Automation

Automating software delivery is a top priority at many organizations but it is not an easy task and if done wrong, can leave organizations worse off than when they started.

Our latest whitepaper will educate you on:

  • Automate Kubernetes components (operators, HPA, etc)
  • Explore building an internal developer platform
  • Enable deployment automation
  • Utilize Weave GitOps as the ultimate automation hub

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Reduce deployment time by up to 70%

You can reduce all manual jobs, tasks, and processes as everything is declarative. Processes can be re-run, or resources can be re-created at any time. I guess this is the big, big, big benefit of automation with GitOps.

—Florian Heubeck, Principal Engineer, MediaMarktSaturn Technology

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GitOps Sets

Securely and reliably managing cloud native infrastructure can be a struggle for Platform Operators working with multiple applications across a fleet of clusters. GitOpsSets provides a single resource definition that Ops teams can generate environment and cluster-specific configurations. This provides a consistent, repeatable, secure and scalable solution via a single command.

GitOps Boosts Business Performance

GitOps impacts the five key DORA (DevOps Research and Assessment group) metrics and correlates directly with business performance. These include: Software Delivery and Operational (SDO) performance including frequent deployments, shorter lead time, mean time to recovery, and change failure rate.

Trust and Compliance

Trusted application delivery adds policy as code to GitOps, enforcing security and compliance, application resilience and coding standards from source to production. Define rules and policies that your deployments must adhere to for consistency and compliance while reducing the risk of human error.

5 Steps to DevOps Automation

In this executive brief, we examine 5 key focus areas across a software delivery pipeline to enable significant business benefits including increased profitability, security, speed to innovation and retention of key technical staff.

Automation with GitOps

Learn what you need to know about the principles of GitOps and how to adopt GitOps best practices as part of your own development environment.

DevOps Automation for Kubernetes

Developers should focus on delivering software innovation, not deployment. Operators should be free from the toil of repetitive tasks. Automation is the panacea to let developer code and free operators from drudgery. See how Weave GitOps provides DevOps automation throughout the software delivery lifecycle.

Weave GitOps Assured

Improve security - Increase Efficiency - Address Compliance

Mitigate risk and unlock the full potential of open source Kubernetes management and Continuous Delivery (CD) with enterprise support and advanced features.

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