Combine the power of Kubernetes with Weave Cloud's automated continuous deployment service.

Continuous Delivery
Continuous deployment for increased development velocity

Pipeline Automation
Pipeline automation for more time focused on development

Advanced observability to help resolve issues quicker, increasing reliability

Experience Weave Cloud on GCP for free today.


 Set-up a Kubernetes pipeline in minutes

Start building and operating Kubernetes-based applications for free with Weave Cloud on Google Cloud Platform:

  • Simply connect your Git repository to enable a complete CI/CD pipeline
  • Know how your apps are behaving at all times through visualizations and metrics monitoring
  • Be one step ahead with out of the box dashboards and alerts
Weave Cloud is fully integrated with GKE and available for free on Google Cloud Platform.
One Click App Deployment with Weave Cloud

One-click app deployment

Deploy any container into the Kubernetes cluster with just one click. Opt for a fully automated pipeline to guarantee the latest version is deployed.

The deployment dashboard gives status, diffs and real-time impact on the app. Confidently experience faster rollouts, rollbacks, and upgrades.

Visualize and explore Kubernetes, containers, and infrastructure with Weave Cloud

 Full observability, dashboards & alerts

Visualize and explore Kubernetes, containers, and infrastructure in an interactive visual map. Build real-time notebooks with advanced queries to monitor the health of your cluster and application.

Default metrics and alerts ensure optimal performance and reliability of your services and system.

Qordoba Customer Success

“We deal with hundreds of major consumer brands to localize web content, so we need a reliable and fast cloud platform that is easy to manage. Using Weave Cloud on GKE gives our development team a simple way to set up new environments and significantly streamline ongoing operations. It has made a big difference to my team’s productivity and our ability to [how fast my team can deploy new services] and react to change as Qordoba experiences rapid growth.”


Waseem AlShikh, CTO 

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