GitOps is an operating model for building applications on Kubernetes. It works by using Git as a source of truth for declarative infrastructure and applications. Automated CICD pipelines roll out changes to your infrastructure after commits are pushed and approved in Git. 

The ultimate goal of GitOps is to speed up your development so that your team can make changes and updates safely and securely to complex applications running in Kubernetes. 

Download this eBook and learn how to build your own end to end CICD pipeline with GitOps best practices. Accelerate deployments and start shipping more features with:  

  • The four principles of GitOps
  • The building blocks of a GitOps pipeline
  • GitOps Hands On Tutorial
    • Spin up a Kubernetes cluster
    • Fork the Demo Application in GitHub
    • Set up Continuous Integration and a Container Registry
    • Add Weave Cloud and start deploying code

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