GitOps is an operating model for continuous delivery. GitOps increases the stability and security of your cloud native system.

As an automation-driven process, GitOps is based on Pull Requests. A PR is a machine and human-readable “change control note” that can be automatically applied to existing code in a Git repository. It contains the code to be changed, added, or removed, as well as some non-code text describing the change. That also means it leaves an audit trail of users, timestamps, and exact character-by-character changes in Git that can be reconciled against a running system’s state. 

In this white paper, we discuss the 4 most common threats and how they can be easily mitigated:

  1. Git Users can impersonate each other
  2. Malicious user rewrites history 
  3. Malicious user removes security features
  4. Old Git client versions are insecure 

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