Prevent incidents proactively
through application observability and alerts.


Monitoring Kubernetes with Prometheus - what you need to know

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Are your containers on fire?
Learn how to monitor a Kubernetes cluster with Prometheus.

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Manage Grafana configurations entirely from a source control repository with the Grafanalib plugin.

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Why monitor with Weave Cloud?


Turn data into insights

Our advanced user interface makes the power of Prometheus accessible and user-friendly. Default metrics for infrastructure and applications make it easy to spot trends or bottlenecks.

Quickly construct and manipulate queries to turn data into insights.


Prevent incidents before your customers are affected

Get notified on changes in health or performance through automated alerts via tools like Slack or Pagerduty.

Avoid alert fatigue by aggregating metrics across your cluster - only get alerts that matter.


Scale to your needs

Data is stored as a set of time-series. It can be queried via a sophisticated UI using a concise and expressive query language.

We retain data long-term, making it easy to visualize trends and correlate application and infrastructure performance.


Be in control today

Weave Cloud is delivered as a service so it’s easy to get started and immediately available to use.

Start observing and monitoring with the power of Prometheus without having to run your own infrastructure.