Kubernetes is the foundation for modern cloud native architectures today but it is just one of the building blocks. To unlock cloud native agility, platform teams require new components and methodologies in order to successfully operationalize the entire stack. Many enterprise IT teams encounter production challenges when it comes to managing multi-cluster Kubernetes across multiple cloud providers.

In this webinar, Mahmoud Saada, Customer Reliability Engineer at Weaveworks will explore how teams can leverage the operator pattern to build platforms on top of Kubernetes. Join him and learn about:

  • How to use the operator pattern and tools such as the shell-operator and Custom Resource Definitions
  • How to write simple controllers to manage large deployments and complex systems
  • How to increase reliability and stability across the platform through GitOps best practices
  • How to simplify managing multiple clusters using GitOps

All live attendees will receive an invite for a free 90min hands-on GitOps workshop. Don't miss out!



Mahmoud Saada, Customer Reliability Engineer, Weaveworks

As a certified Kubernetes administrator, Mahmoud is very experienced in working with cloud native applications and infrastructure in both start up and enterprise environments. Over the past years working as a software and site reliability engineer for a variety of industries such as HR, AI and finance, he developed a deep passion for delivering outstanding experiences for customers and engineers. Before joining Weaveworks as a Customer Reliability Engineer, he worked at ADP and regularly speaks at meetups such as NYC Docker and NYC Uber’s Distributed Tracing.

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