Put your feet up, we’ll do the work

Weave Cloud is a SaaS platform that seamlessly integrates with your preferred infrastructure.

It gives you granular control over your application and operation workflows.

Real-time application metrics and monitoring dashboards allow you to deploy fast and with confidence.


Manage your developer workflows via your choice of repo


Setup and manage manual or automated CI/CD pipelines

Visualize your entire stack to spot trends and troubleshoot issues


Capture real-time metrics and set up smart alerts to prevent incidents


$ 25

Billed Monthly

Free 14-day trial.
Unlimited Pages.
Unlimited Storage.


$ 49

Billed Monthly

Free 14-day trial.
Unlimited Pages.
Unlimited Storage.

But wait, I don't have a cluster!


Check out these useful resources on how to spin up a test cluster with Google Kubernetes Engine or Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes! Or, perhaps you don't have your own application yet? Read below to try our demo app.


The Sock Shop - a microservices demo application

We’ve built a microservices demo application that simulates the user-facing part of an e-commerce website that sells socks. We use it to do testing, QA, user research and to evaluate processes for deploying to various container platforms, like Amazon ECS, Kubernetes, Mesos and, of course, Docker. It’s open-source and freely available on GitHub for you to use.

The Sock Shop is built using Node.js, Go kit and Spring Boot based microservices, MongoDB as a service datastore, RabbitMQ for the order queue, and it uses NGINX as an edge load balancer in some configurations.

Download on GitHub

Not production ready? We can help!


①   Kubernetes Subscription
Operate an agile Kubernetes infrastructure backed by our experts. Our support covers critical workflows and technologies so you can build, run, and scale Kubernetes with confidence.
②  Kubernetes Training
We offer hands-on workshops that cover fundamental concepts and features of Kubernetes. At the end of the training, you will be able to operate and deploy applications.
③   Cloud-Native Architecture Consulting and Design
Together, we build a roadmap to deploying and piloting Kubernetes with your requirements. Included are an architecture assessment and a design consultation for business-critical applications.