Everybody wants to go faster - faster time to market, faster deployment times and higher deployment frequency. But speed cannot come at the expense of reliability, security or observability of the system. Progressive delivery is one of the essential building blocks for application teams to introduce greater velocity without compromising security and resilience. 

In this talk Jason Morgan, Developer Evangelist at Buoyant, and Paul Curtis, Principal SA at Weaveworks are introducing the concept of progressive delivery across multiple clusters and environments. With technologies such as Linkerd, the ultra light and simple service mesh, and Weave Kubernetes Platform, teams can progressively move traffic to Kubernetes - controlled and securely. Best in class GitOps workflows ensure developer friendly operations for Kubernetes while ensuring High Availability and Disaster Recovery across multiple backends.

In this talk we are setting up a true hybrid scenario that 
  1. allows you to work on traffic shaping with progressive delivery methods such as blue green and canary
  2. promotes workloads from dev onto production clusters from Git 

The demo will be utilizing technologies such as Weave Kubernetes Platform, Flagger and Linkerd.

Jason Morgan, Developer Evangelist for Linkerd, Buoyant

Jason is a Developer Evangelist for the Linkerd project, which means he’s responsible for talking about, and encouraging people to use Linkerd. He comes to Buoyant by way of the VMware Tanzu group, and Pivotal. Before that Jason has spent most of his career working in and around the Department of Defense helping government users be successful with modern development and delivery practices.

Jason Morgan
Paul Curtis.jpeg

Paul Curtis, Principal Solutions Architect, Weaveworks

Paul is a Principal Solutions Architect at Weaveworks, where he provides pre- and post-sales technical expertise. Paul comes from the big data world and machine learning world, having spent seven years at MapR. Paul has served as Senior Operations Engineer for Unami, a startup founded to deliver on the promise of interactive TV for consumers, and was Systems Manager for Spiral Universe, a company providing school administration software as a service. He has also held senior support engineer positions at Sun Microsystems, as well as enterprise account technical management positions for both Netscape and FileNet. Earlier in his career, Paul worked in financial application development for Applix, IBM Service Bureau, and Ticketron.

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