Site reliability engineering (SRE), a model championed by Google, is a software engineering approach to IT operations. For companies striving to become cloud native and adopting modern tools such as Kubernetes, SRE best practices are crucial for success. 

In this webinar, Brice, one of our seasoned Customer Reliability Engineers will show how to design a fail-proof Kubernetes platform using tried and tested SRE and GitOps methods.

He will share best practices on:
  • Increasing performance and ensuring scalability 
  • Managing incident responses through disaster recovery 
  • Designing for High Availability in Kubernetes 
  • Achieving 360 visibility and alerts for your platform

Brice Fernandes, Customer Reliability Engineer, Weaveworks

Brice fell in love with programming while studying Physics and never really looked back. He joined Weaveworks after a varied career that included working on telecoms equipment and teaching game development. He's also worked with startups of all stages as part of his previous role as an accelerator mentor. In his spare time he likes to organise community events for developers and entrepreneurs, like the Cambridge Programmer's Study Group or Startup Weekends.

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