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Anyone wanting to use GitOps in production knows the importance of solid configuration management for secure and reliable clusters. Operating Kubernetes requires you to reduce complexity and to automate as much as possible. Weaveworks’ eksctl manages and configures the entire cluster stack with GitOps. Eksctl is the official command line interface for provisioning clusters on Amazon EKS. More than just a CLI for cluster creation, eksctl provides you with a declarative definition of your infrastructure using a single source of truth.
Watch Michael Hausenblas, Developer Advocate at AWS and Kalbir Sohi, eksctl Product Manager at Weaveworks in this on-demand webinar as they discuss and demonstrate:

  • How to get started with Amazon EKS and eksctl
  • What GitOps is and what the benefits are of implementing it
  • Configuration management with GitOps on Amazon EKS with EKSctl
  • Patterns for managing multiple environments and clusters with GitOps



Michael Hausenblas, Developer Advocate, AWS

Michael is a Developer Advocate at AWS, part of the container service team, focusing on container security. Michael shares his experience around cloud native infrastructure and apps through demos, blog posts, books, and public speaking engagements as well as contributing to open source software.


Kalbir Sohi, eksctl Product Manager, Weaveworks

Kalbir is a Product Manager at Weaveworks. Previously he ran a company that built cloud platforms for enterprise clients and worked as head of web operations for the UK Tax Office (HMRC). His focus is on codifying best practice into our tooling. He'd like there to be a little more magic in cloud infrastructure.

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