Running an application as a set of microservices not only allows you to increase development velocity or the rate of change but also makes your application more reliable, heightening customer experience.

However the introduction of a microservices-based architecture or a containerized application also poses significant challenges. Microservices tend to be dynamic with many distributed components; dozens of containers (if not hundreds) are created and destroyed every second, to ensure performance and changes to decreases incoming requests.

So how do you keep track of your application’s performance for achieving its goals? How do you troubleshoot problems quickly when they arise?

Download this white paper to learn:
  • How to monitor a cloud-native environment
  • The different monitoring methodologies (Blackbox vs. Whitebox), metrics (RED and USE methods) and user-centric approaches
  • Why Prometheus is the perfect match for monitoring dynamic cloud-native environments
  • How Weave Cloud extends Prometheus capabilities to provide a holistic approach to monitoring

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